How can I rotate and translate a .nrrd file?

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zahra on 23 Jun 2014
Edited: Star Strider on 23 Jun 2014
I have two .nrrd file, one is the axial CT and the other one is RTDOSE, which were exported from a same radiotherapy plan, but RTDOSE file is translate and rotate in relation to the CT one. The spaceorigin and spacedirection of the files are as follow.
Would you please let me know how can I translate the DOSE matrix to be to a correct and corresponding position of CT one? Also the CT size is 512*512*86 and the dose one is 41*41*41.
CT origin (-260.39999389648443,-250.00000000000009,-163.74999999999997)
dose origin (-75.304331700000006,-12.15298952,-124.3455565)
CT direction (0.97656200000000004,0,0) (0,0.97656200000000004,0) (0,0,2.5000000000000009)
dose direction (3.8282260361744758,0.17253842887103582,-0.33811966301678048) (-0.13949418128589328,3.302362660865064,0.10578860766449286) (0.33665307048834031,-0.10614669010532501,3.7574557336461667)

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