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Error trying to use mcr

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Fredrik am 3 Jun. 2014
Beantwortet: Fredrik am 4 Jun. 2014
I created a standalone application using version 2013b (64-bit) on my laptop and it works fine. Then I tried to run the same application on another computer (W7, 64-bit) where I installed 8.2 but I am getting errors that it could not find version 8.2 (Attempting to load mclmcrrt8_2.dll). I found some info on your website and moved the path to the mcr (8.2) before the other matlab paths since I had 2012a installed. I also uninstalled an old version 7.16 of the MCR but still the same errors. Please help!

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Harsheel am 3 Jun. 2014
Are you sure you installed the 64-bit version of MCR? What does your system PATH variable look like (from Windows command prompt, type -> echo %PATH%)?

Fredrik am 4 Jun. 2014
Yes, 64-bit version installed and PATH points to the dll-file which is causing the problem (C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Compiler Runtime\v82\runtime\win64;). Also tried on three different computers with no success.


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