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How can I get and set variables like PID parameters in a Simulink model from an mfile?

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Recep on 14 Feb 2011
I want to carry simulink variable (eg. PID parameters)to mfile. After I process in mfile, I will send to simulink model. How can I do this. Could you suggest any way for me?


Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 14 Feb 2011
Do you mean to do processing of the parameters offline (run the model once, save parameters, process them, then run model a second time), or during model simulation?
Recep on 15 Feb 2011
No. Once model run (example: 0-5 second) and end of the 5 second model simulation stop. After that, I send the variables to mfile, m file run, I send variables to simulink. This loop will continue until loop will be end.
James Allison
James Allison on 16 Feb 2011
You have several options:
1) use get_param to obtain Simulink model parameters, and use set_param to set them
2) Use variables in your Simulink model parameters, and define them in the base workspace. You can set these values using your m file, and then run the Simulink model.
3) If you run your Simulink model using the sim command, you can pass in model parameter values.

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Answers (3)

Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 14 Feb 2011
doc open_system
doc load_system
doc set_param
doc sim
doc save_system
doc close_system


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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 15 Feb 2011
You can log data from Simulink using the To Workspace block and import data back into the model using the From Workspace block.


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