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How to perform 2-way repeated-measures Manova using RepeatedMeasuresModel?

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Christian on 22 May 2014
I'm currently stuck on performing a two-way repeated-measures Manova in Matlab using the RepeatedMeasuresModel. My data set consists of six units, from each of which I measured three properties, which might be highly correlated. Each unit was tested using two within-subject factors each of which has two levels (4 conditions in total). Thus, my data table consists of six rows and twelve columns (3 properties * 4 conditions).
I created the within-table as follows:
within = table({'A';'A';'A';'A';'B';'B';'B';'B';'C';'C';'C';'C'},...
The table looks like:
Property Condition1 Condition2
________ __________ __________
'A' '1' 'a'
'A' '2' 'a'
'A' '1' 'b'
'A' '2' 'b'
'B' '1' 'a'
'B' '2' 'a'
'B' '1' 'b'
'B' '2' 'b'
'C' '1' 'a'
'C' '2' 'a'
'C' '1' 'b'
'C' '2' 'b'
The repeated-measures Model I created using
rm = fitrm(t,'M1-M12~1','withinDesign',within);
where t is the data table and M1-M12 are the responses.
If I now use
the output looks like this:
Statistic Value F RSquare df1 df2 pValue
_________ _______ ___ _______ ___ ___ ______
Pillai 0.54237 0 0.54237 6 0 NaN
Wilks NaN NaN NaN 6 0 NaN
Hotelling NaN NaN NaN 6 NaN NaN
Roy Inf NaN NaN 6 0 NaN
I don't know, how I can specify, which of my within-subject factors are the different properties and which ones are the different conditions.
Help of any kind would be highly appreciated.
Best, Christian

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