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Compiling Matlab Code: it works in Matlab but not when compiled.

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Hello all,
I have a program that use parallel toolbox. That works perfectly in Matlab but when I compile it and execute it, I get this error: Error using parpool. Allowed value for the second argument is an integer specifying the pool size.
the program crashes in this row:
parpool('local' ,poolsize);
To run the program outside matlab I insert as a parameter :
'poolsize' '2'
Thank you,
P.s i'm using matlab (2014a) and mcr 8.3 (2014a)

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Harsheel am 16 Mai 2014
Not sure how you're 'inserting' the parameter but seems like you're passing the arguments from command line. If so then, all arguments are passed in as characters. You need to convert it to integer and then pass it to parpool. Like:
if ischar(poolSize) %where poolSize stores the user input
poolSize=str2num(poolSize); %convert string to number

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