Generate three dimensional arrays using mvnrnd in Matlab?

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MRC on 9 May 2014
Commented: dpb on 9 May 2014
I need to generate a three dimensional matrix B in Matlab using the command mvnrnd. In particular, let
mu=[0 0; -1 -3; 0 4; 2 4; 8 1]
If I use the command
B= mvnrnd(mu,sigma)
I get a matrix 5x2 in which each row i is sampled from N(mu(i,:), sigma(:,:,i)). Instead, I want B to be 5x2xr, i.e. each row i is sampled from N(mu(i,:), sigma(:,:,i)) r times.
Could you help me?

Answers (1)

dpb on 9 May 2014
help mvnrnd
R = mvnrnd(MU,SIGMA,N) returns a N-by-D matrix R of random vectors
chosen from the multivariate normal distribution with 1-by-D mean
vector MU, and D-by-D covariance matrix SIGMA.
dpb on 9 May 2014
Well, I should've read the doc all the way thru... :)
The third option doesn't replicate into a 3D sampling after all; it's still a 2D array returned.
Looks like you'll have to wrap the call in a loop to populate the planes or use accumarray w/ an anonymous function wrapper around the 2D result by plane.

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