How to run Thorlabs Camera on Matlab?

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ichi am 3 Mai 2014
Bearbeitet: Sai Kanth Dacha am 1 Feb. 2022
We use matlab 2011a, a thorlabs DCC1545M camera (USB2), and want to capture image in matlab or maybe have live view. It is essential to control camera parameters.
Matlab easily find and run other CCDs (imagingsource and some regular webcams), but i cannot connect it to matlab. I installed camera’s driver and package & Microsoft Visual C++, as C++ compiler (2005/2008/2010 redistributed edition), but i can’t run it. What is routine way to run this camera?
I would be thankful for any helps.

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Arminas Butkus
Arminas Butkus am 2 Sep. 2014
Hi, Ichi,
Have you done this task? It would be great if you share your code/ideas, because I'm working on my project to make an interface for DataRay CCD camera.
Thanks in advance.
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Sai Kanth Dacha
Sai Kanth Dacha am 1 Feb. 2022
Bearbeitet: Sai Kanth Dacha am 1 Feb. 2022
Were you able to figure this out? I too am looking for a simple way to capture images from a DataRay camera via MATLAB, given as the MATLAB GUI that DataRay has on their website refuses to work...

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John am 2 Sep. 2014
According to Thorlabs documentation this is possible. See:
There is a hint about how to use it in MATLAB under "Features" => "Software"
You will probably want to look here in case you need to call externals from MATLAB:
If the camera is recognized as a webcam under Windows, I would guess the Image Acquisition Toolbox might be able to see it, although I do not see that model in the list of supported hardware.
If you get it working please let us know, some of us may use Thorlabs cameras in the future for interfacing with MATLAB


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