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Can anyone tell me where i went wrong in my If elseif else

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Tony Hill
Tony Hill on 27 Apr 2014
Edited: Andrew Newell on 28 Apr 2014
Ok im doing this problem: Write a function (named as Exam2_part3.m) to accept a numeric vector and an integer choice as input arguments, in this order. The choice can only be 1 or 2, otherwise display an explanation. If the value of the choice is 1, the function will do “plot(x)”. If the value of the choice is 2, the function will do “disp(x)”. Do this using eval. I wrote out the eval statement and im trying to answer using a if elseif else statement. what am i doing wrong heres my code:
function x = Exam2_part3
x = [1,2];
myCommand = 'plot(x)';
if x = 1;
elseif x> 1 < 2
then eval(myCommand)
else x>2;
disp('The choice can only be 1 or 2')
if someone could tell me where my error lies that would be very helpful

Accepted Answer

Roberto on 28 Apr 2014
Please read the relational operators and the if/elseif/else documentation, the problem is your syntax, here's how to properly write the commands, but your code won't work anyway!! I highly recommend you start with the getting started section of matlab. Try THIS
if x == 1
x = 'plot(x)';
elseif (x > 1) && (x < 2 )
elseif x>2
disp('The choice can only be 1 or 2')

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