How would i do it in matlab?

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Sheema Khattak
Sheema Khattak on 27 Apr 2014
Answered: Apdullah YAYIK on 27 Apr 2014
How would images be assigned numerical values in matrices for classification multiclass svm in matlab? How would I specify that group 1=apple,group 2 = orange and group3=banana?
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dpb on 27 Apr 2014
Not fully clear but if have Statistics Toolbox, look at
doc nominal

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Apdullah YAYIK
Apdullah YAYIK on 27 Apr 2014
You have 1x1 features of different types of images. Rename them as "featureset_image"
Add class information as numeric to feature matrix with "dataset" function
If you have 500 apple, 500 banana and 500 orange your class vector is;
And DataSet is
dataset_image=dataset(featureset_image, class)

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