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How do you draw addtional graphic objects in Mechanic Explorer, Simmechanics G2

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I have a model with CAD data imported from Solidworks. It fine. I can already do a lot with it But one thing I have been trying to look for the solution is that how to draw lines , e.g. to visualize a spring,connecting two moving frames in mechanical explorer.
There is only body block for creating new body, but there is not any input for changing it's geometry. How do you do it then thanks Hung
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Hung Vu
Hung Vu am 27 Apr. 2014
Is there any solution for this need? If you have to simulate musculo-skeleton systems or any with cabling stuffs, you will find this addition useful. Thanks Hung
Max am 19 Okt. 2014
I would also find an answer to this question quite useful. Much thanks. Max

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Manuel am 24 Aug. 2016
Has anybody a solution for this Problem? I would like to use it for documentation (some lines, maybe a little bit text...)


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