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How to compile matlab code into .netlibrary?

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andleeb am 21 Apr. 2014
Bearbeitet: Walter Roberson am 11 Feb. 2018
I have written some Matlab code, i want to create .net dll using "deploytool", but every time it gives error Test checkout of feature 'Compiler' failed. mcc failed.
I am really tired now, can anyone help me and compile it ( i will send you my code), it will be a great help.
Thanks in advance

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Harsheel am 22 Apr. 2014
Bearbeitet: Harsheel am 22 Apr. 2014
You could get that error if you had the MATLAB Compiler product installed but do not have an available license. The following command should return 0 indicating you don't have the required license.
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SHOBA MOHAN am 11 Feb. 2018
Bearbeitet: Walter Roberson am 11 Feb. 2018
I am facing the same issue. I run this command
in command prompt and got answer as 1.
what might be the error?

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