Create an Array with a Counter?

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Ian am 3 Apr. 2014
Beantwortet: Nitin am 4 Apr. 2014
Hey there, I am trying to numerically integrate an equation, store the values of each iteration, then plot the saved values. After asking my professor, he said I needed to set up an array within my loop that has a counter (say i). I also need a vector to store the time for each iteration. I am insanely stuck and have run out of options. Can you help me?
Here is the for loop of my program
for i = 1:300
t = 1:300;
f = [V_vector; (-mu/R_p^3)*R_vector] ;
X = X_0 +f*t;
V(i) = sqrt(V(1)^2+V(2)^2);
R_perifocal = R(i);

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Nitin am 4 Apr. 2014
Why not use an array and save the elapsed time using tic and toc?
There is a nice example here .. use tic and toc if you need only to measure each iteration independently and use
start = tic; someCode; elapsed = toc(start);
which give you the option of running more than one stopwatch concurently


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