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Equation- Divide by Vector

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Iason on 14 Mar 2014
Answered: Benjamin Avants on 14 Mar 2014
Hello, I`m a beginner and I would like to calculate the equation [Sd(t)=ag S 2.5 Tc/q T] for values of Tc<=T<=Td However, T is a vector and I don`t know how to divide an vector and make the results in a final vector form. This is my code:
clc;clear all; agd=0.24*9.81; S=1.15;
Tb=0.2; S=1.15; Tc=0.6; Td=2; q=2;
for T3=Tc:0.02:Td; M=agd*S*2.5*Tc/q; Sd3=M/T3 end
In this way I get the results, but not in a vector form.
Thanks in advance

Accepted Answer

Benjamin Avants
Benjamin Avants on 14 Mar 2014
Your code is a little hard to read... I would suggest not stringing commands together on the same line.
That being said...
You will want to use the .* and ./ operators. They will perform operations on each element of an array and return an array.
agd = 0.24*9.81;
S = 1.15;
Tb = 0.2;
Tc = 0.6;
Td = 2;
q = 2;
T3 = Tc:0.02:Td;
constant = (agd * S *2.5 * Tc / q);
Sd3 = constant ./ T3;
Solving for the constant first will reduce the number of computations MATLAB has to do to return your answer. Not so important here, but useful with large data sets.

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