How do i Extract certain values from a list using a for loop and if statements

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Joseph on 13 Mar 2014
Commented: Joseph on 13 Mar 2014
I have a list of student numbers and a list of absences...when student has 1 or 2 absences, trying to extract that student number and show their number of absences. please help me
StudentNumber = xlsread('ClassList.xlsx','Feb_21_2010','A4:A34');
Absences = xlsread('ClassList.xlsx','Feb_21_2010','B4:B34');
fprintf('Class List as of February 21, 2010\n\n')
fprintf('Student# \t Absences\n')
for n = 1:1:StudNum
fprintf('\n%5i \t\t\t %i\n',StudentNumber(n),Absences(n))
fprintf('Students with 1 or 2 Absences who will recieve a Warning Letter\n\n')
NumAbs(1:StudNum,1:nAbs)= false;
fprintf('Student# \t Absences\n')
for n = 1:1:nAbs
fprintf('\n%5i \t\t\t %i\n',StudentNumber(n),Absences(n))
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Joseph on 13 Mar 2014
The first part works, showing all students and corresponding number of absences for each can i extract just the students with 1 or 2 absences?

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