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Auto Simulate Simulink Model

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Tausif Ali
Tausif Ali am 11 Feb. 2011
I want to automate the process of capturing and saving the video from a wireless cam but in simulink model it is required to start simulation I need to know if I can automate start simulation procedure in an application.

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Vieniava am 11 Feb. 2011
Iam not sure what kind of automation you need. You may use timer() object:
tim1=timer('TimerFcn', ' sim(''YourSimulation.mdl'') ', ...
'Period', 9.5, 'ExecutionMode', 'fixedRate');
This would fire up your simulation every 9.5 sec.
To stop

James Allison
James Allison am 16 Feb. 2011
Automating the simulation of a Simulink model from MATLAB can be done using the sim command.

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