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ChannelMappingSource property problem in dsp.AudioRecorder

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Hi, I'm trying to use the functions dsp.AudioRecorder and dsp.Audioplayer for performing multichannel playback and record. I'm having an issue when I try to manually do the mapping of the channels for these functions
I'm declaring:
har = dsp.AudioRecorder;
and then setting:
but i keep getting the following error
No public field ChannelMappingSource exists for class dsp.AudioRecorder.
Error in C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2013a\toolbox\matlab\system\+matlab\+system\setProp.p>setProp
(line 14)
Error in C:\Program
Files\MATLAB\R2013a\toolbox\matlab\system\+matlab\+system\SystemProp.p>SystemProp.set (line 437)
Can anyone please help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?

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Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez on 13 Mar 2014
I just found out that this can only be done in version 2013b not my 2013a student version... hopefully it will be included in the next release!
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Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez on 13 Mar 2014
As a workaround this issue I've decided to record all channels. For example if I want to only get the audio recorded in channel 5 of my interface, I'm setting up the dsp.AudioRecorder object to record 5 channels and then storing the signal acquired in the fifth column of the variable used for storing the information.

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