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import simulink tsarray from workspace

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Notsure USA
Notsure USA on 4 Mar 2014
I log data from the inputs of the referenced models during the simulation of the top model. Then I want to use that logged data as inputs for the referenced models when simulating the referenced models individually.
I log the input data using signal logging by ModelDataLogs when running the top model.
This gives me logsout.blah.blah.blah, a 1x1 Simulink.TsArray
Now I want to send that input data into my referenced model individually, but I can't figure out how to get that logged data back into simulink as a bus, that my model is expecting.
and here (here his simple_script.mdl probably has my answer but it is an invalid model so I can't see it).
Can someone walk me through this process? It must be pretty common.


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