How can I use Cody Coursework in conjunction with my MOSS account for detecting plagiarism risks?

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With the introduction of Cody Coursework, I'm sometimes asked how faculty can detect plagiarism risks. Faculty who raise this question most often inquire about Moss.

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MathWorks Community Team
MathWorks Community Team on 27 Feb 2014
Edited: MathWorks Community Team on 9 Jun 2014
Cody Coursework provides for exporting all student solution attempts, as input into any further assessment you may wish to conduct. Each row of the CSV export from Cody Coursework represents a student solution attempt, and one field of that is the code.  Your MATLAB script could e.g. extract code for each student’s most recent correct attempt, each into a file e.g. problemid_studentid.m.  You would then direct Moss to analyze those .m files as per normal use of Moss.

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