How do I test plots produced by students' code in Cody Coursework?

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With the introduction of Cody Coursework, I'm sometimes asked how to test plots or user interface components generated by students' code.

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MathWorks Community Team
MathWorks Community Team on 27 Feb 2014
Edited: MathWorks Community Team on 9 Jun 2014
When testing plots, remember Cody Coursework executes students' code using a hosted MATLAB server. This means it will not be showing or displaying the graphics. Still, the MATLAB runtime offers access to the graphics objects' plot properties via the figure handle. Thus, you can interrogate properties and ensure the student's code is doing what's expected. Here's an example:
Test Suite:
h = student_plot();
students_linewidth = get(h, 'LineWidth');
assert(isequal(students_linewidth,0.5),'your linewidth is incorrect');
Reference Solution:
function h = student_plot( )
Remember, Cody Coursework Test Suites give you the full power of the MATLAB language to creatively automate assessment of students' code.

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