Surface area of a 3D-plot from a matrix.

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Gabriel am 24 Feb. 2014
Bearbeitet: Walter Roberson am 24 Feb. 2014
Hi guys. I'm trying to calculate the area of a surface. My problem is something like this:
I have some images in 8bits ... something like this one:
I made a Java program so I can turn those images into a matrix and open it with MatLab.
When I run my program for this image it returns me something like this:
matrix = [255,255,255,255,255;
Then I can put this matrix in matlab and use the function surf. So I get something like this:
Now comes my problem. Is there any way to calculate the surface area of this 3d-plot? Can be anything that returns me a quantitative value for this surface area.
ps: sorry for my english, im from Brazil.

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Thomas am 24 Feb. 2014
I do not think MALTAB has a built-in function. (I might be wrong though) However a similar question has been answered here

Gabriel am 24 Feb. 2014
Hi Thomas. Thank you for your reply.
Not necessarily need to be a built-in function.
I want to know is there any way to calculate this ... even if I have to create some kind of mathematical function to solve this problem.
In any case I'll take a look at the thread you pointed me.


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