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How to model a Solar PV in phasor domain

Asked by satendra kumar on 20 Feb 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Giorgio Carnevali on 9 Mar 2019
Hello, I have modeled a solar panel which is consisting of Solar cells, Buck-Boost converter, Inverter. The model is working good in Continuous Or desecrate Power GUI block. But i when in run it in Phasor method, it is giving me numerous errors. One error is "MOSFET is not allowed for phasor" Please suggest me some way to model a Grid connected solar system running in Phasor. Thanks


hello, can u please send me your work, im trying to do the same thing it could be intressting if i could see your work and compare it to mine. if it's possible. thnks a lot here is my e-mail :
Hello, if someone of you have solved this problem could help me? I need a PV generator model to connect to my grid and perform a phasor simulation.

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