How much number of hidden neurons should I take in nprtool ?

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Explorer on 15 Feb 2014
Answered: Greg Heath on 16 Feb 2014

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Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 16 Feb 2014
It is always best to
1. Accept all defaults
2. Run
3. Evaluate the non-training validation and test results
4. If satisfactory, consider reducing H, the number of hidden nodes
If unsatisfactory,
1. Consider changing to non-default values
2. Consider changing to a command line approach so that you can use loops to create multiple designs more easily. For example I usually use an outer loop with 10 candidates for H and an inner loop of Ntrials = 10 different weight initializations for each H candidate.
3. For command line examples search
greg Ntrials
Hope this helps.
Thank you for formally accepting my answer

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