Implementation of Snake Algorithmm for finding contours of Hand

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I am following a research paper in which contour of hand is determined as shown in Figure 4.
In this paper, snakes were used to perform segmentation. A snake can be defined as an energy-minimizing spline guided by external restraining forces and influenced by image forces, which tends to localize it in features such as lines and edges. It is therefore an active contour that evolves dynamically relevant to the contours of the image. The snake is represented as a parametric curve by r(s) = (x(s),y(s)), with s(0, 1). Its functional energy can be expressed as:
Where Eint represents the internal energy of the snake, Eimg image forces and Eres external restraining forces.
Can you help in coding for this?
This is the image whose contours I need to find.

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 6 Feb 2014
See my activecontour demo, attached. It will find the hand.

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snehal jaipurkar
snehal jaipurkar on 22 Nov 2017
Sir how to save the segmented image after applying snake model in Matlab?????

snehal jaipurkar
snehal jaipurkar on 22 Nov 2017
And also I want to create a mask of the segmented image by putting the segmented part with intensity 1 and the rest of the part as zero. So how can I do that... Please please tell as soon as possible. Thanks alot in advance.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 22 Nov 2017
My code does that. It's the "bw" in this line of code:
bw = activecontour(grayImage, mask, 400, 'edge');

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