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How to name an array or series of arrays in a pattern?

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Sukumar Palo
Sukumar Palo on 10 Feb 2011
I have around 10 variables and want to name the array according the variable.
e.g Variable 1 is '11234742' then the name will be Signal_11234742.
and when this variable comes again I should be able to put data into Signal_11234742.
How to do it.


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Doug Hull
Doug Hull on 10 Feb 2011
Please do not do this!
See this question:


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Igor on 10 Feb 2011
may be these commands give help 1) eval('...') 2) num2str
but more interesting: May one variable (allocated memory) have two names (used under 2 names)? In C/C++, as I know, this opportunity was indeed...


Khaled Khairy
Khaled Khairy on 10 Feb 2011
Yes. If you instantiate an object of a class that is derived from matlab's handle class.
Igor on 31 Mar 2011
please, give simple example... in code

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Vieniava on 10 Feb 2011
eval([prefix num2str(var1) '=' num2str(var1)]);

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Oleg Komarov
Oleg Komarov on 10 Feb 2011
I would in general avoid this practice and use instead: Signal.s11234742 = variable

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