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FTP error 425

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Mike am 12 Jul. 2011
Beantwortet: Victor Villar am 11 Mai 2018
I'm able to download a file from an FTP server using stand-along FTP software (e.g. FileZilla). Other co-workers can download the file without issue using MATLAB, but I am not able to download it using MATLAB. I assume it is a setting on my machine. Does anyone have an idea what I need to do?
Below is the code to download a specfic weather file from the NOAA FTP server:
fileName = mget(ftpObj,'722780-23183-2000.op.gz','C:\Temp');
the error returned is below, which seems to indicate a connection issue.
??? Error using ==> ftp.mget at 110
FTP error: 425
Thanks for any help!

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Felipe G. Nievinski
Felipe G. Nievinski am 29 Jul. 2011

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 12 Jul. 2011
The description of FTP error 425 I found here appears to be technically accurate.... but possibly not immediately helpful.
I suggest you check your Windows Firewall settings in your Windows Security Center.
Also, are you using a proxy FTP server, or are you connecting via a VPN?
It might be helpful if you were to use wireshark to monitor the connection.
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Mike am 12 Jul. 2011
Thanks Walter,
My Firewall settings use corporate policy and look the same as other machines which do not have this problem.
I guess I'm using proxy FTP server - the same as everyone else in my group.
I installed wireshark and compared the differences between downloading via FileZilla, and (attempting to download using) MATLAB. Deciphering the error log is not easy for someone like me, the only thing that looked odd was a "Malformed Packet" prior to the 425 timeout error. I'm not sure what would be causing this. The FTP interaction seemed ok up until this point. It seems that it is having trouble returning the file to my machine (port etc.) but I'm not sure what to look for next.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 12 Jul. 2011
Time to test with a new ethernet card, perhaps.

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Victor Villar
Victor Villar am 11 Mai 2018
Hint: check your antivirus firewall settings and open all the ports. That should fix the issue. If you cannot do that, just try the passive mode file reference in this page.


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