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Plotting data from a .csv file

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Win on 4 Dec 2013
Commented: Anthony Sirico on 15 Jun 2020
Hi I need to plot a graph in MATLAB using data from a .csv file which has 2 columns of data, column A and column B. Can you please tell me the codes to use to do that? Thanks.

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Win on 4 Dec 2013
There is no comma in the file. Just two columns of data.

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Accepted Answer

sixwwwwww on 4 Dec 2013
you can do it as follows:
col1 = Array(:, 1);
col2 = Array(:, 2);
plot(col1, col2)


Reddy gireesh
Reddy gireesh on 23 Jun 2016
im not able to get data using this command; i have 'BC013016.CSV' fiels,(288*52) first col1: date like 1-mar-16(up to 31-mar-16) col2: time 00:00,00:05...23:55 & col3:end data im tring to read it with this command but not able to read it let me proper way to read and plot data with respect to date and time
Carolina Pulido
Carolina Pulido on 10 Jun 2020
I was able using this commands. Thanks. Reddy, check don't use titles into the columns.
Anthony Sirico
Anthony Sirico on 15 Jun 2020
Can i plot data froma CSV file with a column of Names?, i.e col1 = star names, col2 = distances.

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