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Dual licensing in File Exchange - is it possible?

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Adi Navve
Adi Navve am 3 Jul. 2011
Beantwortet: Andrew Janke am 12 Sep. 2021
Dear community,
In a set of scripts and functions I am planning on publishing on File Exchange I want to include some code from third party sources. These codes include copyright clauses, which are very permissive but not as much as mentioned in the BSD license. Can I include a code with another copyright text in it, or maybe the right question is would the other copyright statements be valid if the BSD license appears as well?
I hope I made myself clear.
Regards, Adi N.
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Andrew Janke
Andrew Janke am 12 Sep. 2021
I don't think this is generally what "dual licensing" means. When I've encountered it before, "dual licensing" means that a particular work or piece of code is has multiple different license grants attached to it, and you can use it under the terms of either license. This case sounds more like "mixed licensing" to me.

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Lindsay Coutinho
Lindsay Coutinho am 5 Jul. 2011
Since File Exchange only supports the BSD license, we are not able to publish files from the community that contain any other license types. If your file exists on another website, we’d love to have you submit a link to your file regardless of the license type. You can create a submission to our Link Exchange here: . Feel free to contact me at if you have any further questions.
Thank you,
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Ned Gulley
Ned Gulley am 5 Jul. 2011
Another possibility is to publish all the code you wrote under the BSD license, and then carefully document where to get the third-party files that can't be included under the BSD.

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Andrew Janke
Andrew Janke am 12 Sep. 2021
You are now allowed to get submissions with different license terms on to File Exchange if you publish your code to a GitHub repo and link your File Exchange submission to the GitHub repo, instead of directly submitting the file to FX. See
(I'm not sure when this change went in to effect, but it's been like this for a while now.)


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