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Using Tab Order Editor, it is slow and time consuming process

Asked by tuyen
on 29 Oct 2013
Latest activity Answered by Kristoffer Walker on 28 Dec 2018
In GUI, I have basically made pushbuttons with a dimension of 10 rows by 10 columns. I am wanting to be able to use the 'Tab' button going from left to right and top to bottom. With the Tab Order Editor opened, the further I move one pushbuttom from the list (ie. the button on the 10th column in the 10th row, to the 2nd column in the 1st row), it'll takes about 20 minutes. By the time it finish processes, I would be able to make any save changes. Any thoughts or does GUI needs a update?


I have no idea what you are trying to do from the description, but I am confident that you have done something wrong if tabbing through 100 items takes 20 minutes.
I had the same problem in 2010. Mathworks acknowledged that the tab order editor was extremely slow and indicated at that point that it was not a high priority to fix.

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1 Answer

Answer by Kristoffer Walker on 28 Dec 2018

I'm confident you are not doing anything wrong, and that this rather a Matlab nice-to-have. I too find it terribly frustrating to have a matrix of text boxes that I want to tab from one to the next, and I cannot use Tab Editor for this process because it takes a tremendous amount of time to move one object by one step at a time to the position that you want. The Tab Editor is effectively useless for serious projects with many objects within a single panel. I love GUIDE, and given the choice of what I'd do to increaes Matlab's market share, I'd fix GUIDE's issues and demonstrate its power in online videos rather than replace GUIDE with an shiny new "object-oriented" GUIDE.


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