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Compression mode of EHT TB configuration

Since R2023a



mode = compressionMode(cfgEHTTB) returns the compression mode of the extremely high-throughput trigger-based (EHT TB) configuration object cfgEHTTB, as defined in Table 36-29 of IEEE® P802.11be™/D2.0 [1].


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Create a configuration object for an EHT TB transmission, setting the channel bandwidth to 320 MHz and specifying that the configuration has an MRU of size 3*996.

cfgEHTTB = wlanEHTTBConfig(ChannelBandwidth="CBW320",RUSize=[996;996;996],RUIndex=[1;2;3]);

Use the compressionMode object function to return the compression mode of the configuration.

ans = 0

Input Arguments

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EHT TB configuration, specified as a wlanEHTTBConfig object.

Output Arguments

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Compression mode, returned as an integer in the range [0, 2]. The U-SIG field of any EHT packet has a compression mode subfield that consists of two bits. In the EHT multi-user (EHT MU) case, the value of this subfield is an integer in the range [0, 2]. In the EHT TB case, the value of this subfield is 0.

Data Types: double

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Version History

Introduced in R2023a

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