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Number of shearlets

Since R2019b



NS = numshears(sls) returns the number of shearlets in the shearlet system sls. The number of shearlets does not include the lowpass filter, which is not sheared. The total filter size of the shearlet system is M-by-N-by-NS+1. M and N are the first and second elements, respectively, of the ImageSize value of sls.

The data type of NS matches the Precision value of the shearlet system.


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Create a complex-valued shearlet system that can be applied to 256-by-256 images. The system has four scales.

sls = shearletSystem('ImageSize',[256 256],'TransformType','complex',...

Obtain the number of shearlets in the shearlet system.

num = numshears(sls)
num = 80

Input Arguments

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Shearlet system, specified as a shearletSystem object.

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Version History

Introduced in R2019b