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Orthogonal and Biorthogonal Filter Banks

Daubechies’ extremal-phase wavelets, Daubechies’ least-asymmetric wavelets, Fejer-Korovkin filters, coiflets, biorthogonal spline filters

Orthogonal wavelet filter banks generate a single scaling function and wavelet, whereas biorthogonal wavelet filters generate one scaling function and wavelet for decomposition, and another pair for reconstruction. Daubechies’ least-asymmetric filters have the most linear phase response of the orthogonal filters. If you require linear phase, use biorthogonal filters.


dwtfilterbankDiscrete wavelet transform filter bank
biorwavfBiorthogonal spline wavelet filter
biorfiltBiorthogonal wavelet filter set
coifwavfCoiflet wavelet filter
dtfiltersAnalysis and synthesis filters for oversampled wavelet filter banks
dbauxDaubechies wavelet filter computation
dbwavfDaubechies wavelet filter
fejerkorovkinFejér-Korovkin wavelet filters
orthfiltOrthogonal wavelet filters
rbiowavfReverse biorthogonal spline wavelet filters
qmfScaling and wavelet filter
symauxSymlet wavelet filter computation
symwavfSymlet wavelet filter
wavefunWavelet and scaling functions
wavefun2Wavelet and scaling functions 2-D
wfiltersWavelet filters
wavemngrWavelet manager
waveinfoWavelets information


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