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Wavelet spatial orientation tree, SPIHT, EZW, WDR, AWDR, matching pursuit

Compress signals and images using wavelet analysis and matching pursuit methods. Generate MATLAB® code from the Wavelet Analyzer app.


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wcompressTrue compression of images using wavelets
wdencmpDenoising or compression
wpdencmpDenoising or compression using wavelet packets
measerrQuality metrics of signal or image approximation
wmpalgMatching pursuit
wmpdictionaryDictionary for matching pursuit


Wavelet AnalyzerAnalyze signals and images using wavelets



Wavelet Data Compression

Learn how to obtain sparse representation of a signal using wavelets.

2-D Wavelet Compression

Use wavelet 2-D true compression to reduce the number of bits needed to represent an image.

2-D Wavelet Packet Analysis

Analyze an image with wavelet packets using the Wavelet Analyzer app.

Wavelet Compression for Images

Learn about quantization for true compression of images and about different compression methods.

Data Compression using 2-D Wavelet Analysis

The purpose of this example is to show how to compress an image using two-dimensional wavelet analysis.

Matching Pursuit

Matching Pursuit

Create matching pursuit dictionaries and perform matching pursuit on 1-D signals.

Matching Pursuit Algorithms

Learn about basic, orthogonal, and weak orthogonal matching pursuit algorithms.

Matching Pursuit Using Wavelet Analyzer App

Use the Wavelet Analyzer app to perform matching pursuit.