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Access information contained in CDFX-file

Since R2019a



cdfxObj = cdfx(CDFXfile) creates an asam.cdfx object and imports the calibration data from the specified CDFX-file.


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Create an asam.cdfx object containing the calibration data from a CDFX-file.

cdfxObj = cdfx('c:\DataFiles\AllCategories_VCD.cdfx')
cdfxObj = 

  CDFX with properties:

       Name: "AllCategories_VCD.cdfx"
       Path: "c:\DataFiles\AllCategories_VCD.cdfx"
    Version: "CDF20"

Input Arguments

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Calibration data format CDFX-file, specified as a character vector or string. CDFXFile can specify the file name in the current folder, or the full or relative path to the CDFX-file. For restrictions on the file content, see File Format Limitations.

Example: 'ASAMCDFExample.cdfx'

Data Types: char | string

Output Arguments

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CDFX-file object, returned as an asam.cdfx object. Use the object to access the calibration data.

Version History

Introduced in R2019a

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