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Import and View Tire Data

Use the tireData object and supporting functions to import, store, and inspect tire data. First, import tire data from the Tyre Data Exchange Format (TYDEX) v1.3 files. Then, use the summaryTable function to inspect the data.

This example requires the Extended Tire Features for Vehicle Dynamics Blockset™ support package. See Install Support Package.

Import Tire Data

Build a string array from the TYDEX filenames that contain the tire data.

tirepath = pwd;
tydexdir = dir(fullfile(tirepath,"data_tydex_files","*.tdx"));
tydexstr = join([{tydexdir.folder}',{}'],filesep);

Import the data into an array of tireData objects td.

td = tireData(tydexstr);

Display the properties of td using disp. For more information on each tireData object property, see tireData Properties.

Create Summary Table from Tire Data

Create a summary table from the tire data in td using the summaryTable function. Each object in td is a row in the output table.


Specify Statistical Measure to Apply to Tire Data Channels

By default, the argument DataStat is set to mean. Change the statistical measure to maximum by specifying DataStat as max.


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