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Add wind model object to UAV platform

Since R2024a



    addWind(platform,windmodel) adds wind model object to the UAV platform.


    Simulating a UAV scenario that contains wind models added using the addWind function requires Aerospace Toolbox.


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    Create a UAV scenario and platform. Specify a trajectory to fly the platform 5 meters north of the scenario origin at an altitude of 50 meters.

    scene = uavScenario;
    platformTrajectory = waypointTrajectory([0 0 -50; 5 0 -50],[0 1]);
    platform = uavPlatform("UAV",scene,Trajectory=platformTrajectory);

    Create a steady wind object with default properties.

    steadyWind = uavWindSteady
    steadyWind = 
      uavWindSteady with properties:
         Velocity: [3.5000 3.5000 5]
        StartTime: 0
         StopTime: Inf

    Create a wind gust object with default properties.

    gustWind = uavWindGust
    gustWind = 
      uavWindGust with properties:
        GustAmplitude: [3.5000 3.5000 5]
           GustLength: [120 120 80]
            StartTime: 0
             StopTime: Inf

    Create a turbulence wind object with default properties.

    turbulenceWind = uavWindTurbulence
    turbulenceWind = 
      uavWindTurbulence with properties:
                              Specification: "MIL-F-8785C"
                                  ModelType: "Von Karman (+q +r)"
                              WindSpeedAt6m: 15
                          WindDirectionAt6m: 0
        ProbExceedanceHighAltitudeIntensity: "10^-2 - Light"
            ScaleLengthAtMediumHighAltitude: 762
                                   Wingspan: 10
                 BandLimitedNoiseSampleTime: 0.1000
                           RandomNoiseSeeds: [23341 23342 23343 23344]
                                  StartTime: 0
                                   StopTime: Inf

    Add the wind objects to the UAV platform.

    addWind(platform,{steadyWind gustWind turbulenceWind})

    Set up the simulation, and advance the scene.


    Obtain the translational wind velocity on the UAV platform.

    velocityWind = windVelocity(platform)
    velocityWind = 1×3
        3.5753    3.0892    4.5805

    Obtain the angular wind velocity on the UAV platform.

    angularVelocityWind = windAngularRate(platform)
    angularVelocityWind = 1×3
       -0.0484   -0.0323   -0.0419

    Input Arguments

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    UAV platform, specified as a uavPlatform object.

    Wind model object, specified as a uavWindSteady, uavWindGust, or uavWindTurbulence object, or as a cell array of wind model objects.

    Example: {gustWind,steadyWind}

    Version History

    Introduced in R2024a