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High-Voltage HEV/EV HVAC eCompressor Motor Control

This example demonstrates model based firmware development using MATLAB® and Simulink® for TIDM-02012 high voltage ecompressor reference design using C2000™ Microcontroller Blockset.


The TIDM-02012 is a high-voltage, 5-kW reference design built for HEV/EV compressor (eCompressor) applications controlled by a mid-performance C2000™ TMS320F28003x real-time MCU. It is designed to evaluate with both 400-V and 800-V DC-bus, covering the market-trending of higher battery voltage. A controlCARD-based design enables users to evaluate multiple MCU and gate driver options, and is scalable to support other devices within the C2000™ portfolio including future roadmap devices to meet growing cybersecurity, functional safety, and other automotive market needs.

Note: The model in this example is tested and shipped by Texas Instruments®.


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Required Hardware

  • TIDM-02012 high voltage ecompressor

  • C2000™ TMS320F28003x

Mathworks Required Products

  • C2000™ Microcontroller Blockset

  • Motor Control Blockset™

  • Embedded Coder®

Available Models

The example includes the following models. To download and execute the model, see MathWorks Model-based implementation

  • Target model: TIDM_02012_F280039_MBD.slx

  • Host model: TIDM_02012_control_host.slx

This example is tested for sensorless operation of Teknic M-2310P-04K motor. The TIDM-02012 reference design supports other motor types and the user is expected to modify the motor parameters and other settings as required for the motor under test.

Run the host model to monitor and tune parameters for the example.

Use the Hardware tab to Build, start & deploy code to the TI C2000 microcontroller.

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