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Author Model Behavior

Associate architecture models with functionality specified in Simulink® models, Stateflow® charts, Simscape™ models, and sequence diagrams

Use sequence diagrams integrated with System Composer™ to describe system behavior as the interaction between components in a sequence of message exchanges.

You can use Simulink models with System Composer. Define component behavior by linking to a Simulink behavior model or adding a Simulink subsystem component. Add state machine behavior in Stateflow to components. Add physical system behavior in Simscape to components.

Export Simulink behavior models into architecture models for analysis.


createSimulinkBehaviorCreate Simulink behavior and link to component
createSubsystemBehaviorAdd subsystem behavior to component
createStateflowChartBehaviorAdd Stateflow chart behavior to component
createArchitectureModelCreate architecture model from component
linkToModelLink component to a model
inlineComponentRemove reference architecture or behavior from component
systemcomposer.extractArchitectureFromSimulinkExtract architecture from Simulink model
isProtectedFind if component referenced model is protected
isReferenceFind if component is referenced to another model


Sequence ViewerVisualize messages, events, states, transitions, and functions


Describe System Behavior Using Sequence Diagrams

Create, edit, and interact with sequence diagrams.

Use Sequence Diagrams with Architecture Models

Implement sequence diagrams using the Architecture Views Gallery.

Describe Component Behavior Using Simulink

Associate components with behavior models in Simulink.

Describe Component Behavior Using Simscape

Associate components with physical behavior in Simscape.

Describe Component Behavior Using Stateflow Charts

Associate components with state machine behavior in Stateflow.

Extract Architecture from Simulink Model

Export Simulink models as architecture models.

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