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Class: LinearMixedModel

Response vector of the linear mixed-effects model



y = response(lme) returns the response vector y used to fit the linear mixed-effects model lme.

Input Arguments

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Linear mixed-effects model, specified as a LinearMixedModel object constructed using fitlme or fitlmematrix.

Output Arguments

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Response values, specified as an n-by-1 vector, where n is the number of observations.

Data Types: single | double


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Load the sample data.


weight contains data from a longitudinal study, where 20 subjects are randomly assigned to 4 exercise programs, and their weight loss is recorded over two-week time periods. This is simulated data.

Store the data in a table. Define Subject and Program as categorical variables.

tbl = table(InitialWeight,Program,Subject,Week,y);
tbl.Subject = nominal(tbl.Subject);
tbl.Program = nominal(tbl.Program);

Fit a linear mixed-effects model where the initial weight, type of program, week, and the interaction between the week and type of program are the fixed effects. The intercept and week vary by subject.

lme = fitlme(tbl,'y ~ InitialWeight + Program*Week + (Week|Subject)');

Compute the fitted values and the response.

F = fitted(lme);
y = response(lme);

Plot the response versus the fitted values.

xlabel('Fitted Values')

Figure contains an axes object. The axes object contains an object of type line.