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Import device parameters from XML file to Simscape Electrical IGBT (Ideal, Switching) and Diode blocks

Since R2021b



ee_importDeviceParameters(file,format,blockPath) extracts the parameters from an XML file, file, and imports them to the Simscape™ block at the specified blockPath, based on the parameterization format of the file.

The XML file must be on the MATLAB path and must use a parameterization format supported by Hitachi. For examples of Hitachi format XML files for IGBT and diode devices, see the Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) and diode modules with SPT, SPT+, SPT++ and TSPT+ chips page on the Hitachi website.

This function currently only supports IGBT(Ideal, Switching) and Diode blocks.

ee_importDeviceParameters(file,format,blockPath,'Verbose',true) also enables warnings about unused fields in the XML file.

ee_importDeviceParameters(file,format,blockPath,'Verbose',false) also disables warnings about unused fields in the XML file.


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Choose the block you want to import the parameters into. Open a model that contains an IGBT(Ideal, Switching) block.


Edit the ee_import_igbt_device_parameters_data.xml file to inspect the content.

edit ImportIGBTFromHitachiData.xml 

Click the IGBT(Ideal, Switching) block, then call the ee_importDeviceParameters function.

ee_importDeviceParameters('ImportIGBTFromHitachiData.xml', 'hitachi', gcb)

Input Arguments

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File name of the XML file that you want to import and extract the parameters from, specified as a case-sensitive string.

Parameterization format, specified as hitachi.

Path or handle of the IGBT (Ideal, Switching) or Diode block that you want to import the parameters into, specified as a character vector or block handle.

Version History

Introduced in R2021b