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SoC Blockset

Design, evaluate, and implement SoC hardware and software architectures

SoC Blockset™ provides Simulink® blocks and visualization tools for modeling, simulating, and analyzing hardware and software architectures for ASICs, FPGAs, and systems on a chip (SoC). You can build your system architecture using memory models, bus models, and I/O models, and simulate the architecture together with the algorithms.

SoC Blockset lets you simulate memory and internal and external connectivity, as well as scheduling and OS effects, using generated test traffic or real I/O data. You can quickly explore different system architectures, estimate interface complexity for hardware and software partitioning, and evaluate software performance and hardware utilization.

SoC Blockset exports reference designs for Xilinx® and Intel® FPGA devices and SoC platforms, including Zynq®-7000, UltraScale+™, and Intel SoC FPGAs. These reference designs can be used with Xilinx and Intel design tools.

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Learn the basics of SoC Blockset

System on Chip (SoC)

Combine processor software, programmable logic, memory, and peripherals into complete SoC designs

Processor Software

Design and develop the software for the embedded processor component of an SoC application

Programmable Logic

Design and develop the custom hardware for the programmable logic (PL) or FPGA component of an SoC application


Design and develop the shared memory and data register components of an SoC application


Design and develop the external peripheral components, from GPIO to integrated video stream components, of an SoC application

SoC Blockset Supported Hardware

Support for third-party hardware, such as Xilinx SoC platforms and Intel SoC devices