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Class: slreq.LinkSet
Namespace: slreq

Delete links with invalid source

Since R2024a



count = deleteOrphanLinks(myLinkSet) deletes the links that have an invalid link source in the link set specified by myLinkSet and returns the number of deleted links.

Input Arguments

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Link set, specified as an slreq.LinkSet object.

Output Arguments

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Number of deleted links, returned as a double.


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This example shows how to get and delete orphan links.

Load the myAddRequirements requirement set, which contains requirements for a MATLAB® function that adds two inputs and outputs the result.

rs = slreq.load("myAddRequirements");

The myAddRequirements requirement set has incoming links from lines of code in the myAddOrphan MATLAB code file. Get a handle to the link set.

myLinkSet = slreq.find(Type="LinkSet");

Get the orphan links in the link set. Display the number of orphan links.

orphanLinks = getOrphanLinks(myLinkSet);
numOrphanLinks = numel(orphanLinks)
numOrphanLinks = 1

Delete the orphan links.

count = deleteOrphanLinks(myLinkSet)
count = 1

Confirm that there are no orphan links.

orphanLinks = getOrphanLinks(myLinkSet)
orphanLinks =


Alternative Functionality


Use the Repair Invalid Links dialog box in the Requirements Editor to view the orphan links. For more information, see Resolve Links.

Version History

Introduced in R2024a