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Class: slreq.LinkSet
Package: slreq

Create line ranges

Since R2022b



cr = createTextRange(myLinkSet,lines) creates a line range associated with the lines of code, lines, in the MATLAB® or external code file associated with the link set specified by myLinkSet.


cr = createTextRange(myLinkSet,blockSID,lines) creates a line range in the MATLAB Function block specified by blockSID.

Input Arguments

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Link set, specified as an slreq.LinkSet object.

Start and end line numbers for the line range, specified as a double array of the form [start end] or a scalar double.

Example: [1 4], 1

MATLAB Function block SID, specified as a string scalar or character vector.

Example: "30"

Output Arguments

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Line range, returned as an slreq.TextRange object.


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This example shows how to create an slreq.TextRange object for a link set.

Open the myAdd code file.


Get a handle to the myAdd link set.

myLinkSet = slreq.find(Type="LinkSet",Description="myAdd");

Create an slreq.TextRange object that corresponds to line numbers 1 and 2 in the myAdd function.

cr = createTextRange(myLinkSet,[1 2]);

This example shows how to create slreq.TextRange objects in MATLAB Function blocks and link the line ranges to requirements.

Open the myAddModel Simulink® model.

model = "myAddModel";

Get the SID of the MATLAB Function block.

block = "myAddModel/MATLAB Function";
SID = get_param(block,"SID")
SID = 

Get a handle to the myAddModel link set.

myLinkSet = slreq.find(Type="LinkSet",Description="myAddModel");

Create an slreq.TextRange object that corresponds to line number 2 in the myAdd MATLAB Function block.

cr = createTextRange(myLinkSet,SID,2);

Load the myAddRequirements requirement set.

rs = slreq.load("myAddRequirements");

Get a handle to the requirement with the summary Add u and v.

req = find(rs,Summary="Add u and v");

Create a link from the slreq.TextRange object to the requirement.

myLink = slreq.createLink(cr,req);


Version History

Introduced in R2022b