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Get default report generation options


myOptions = slreq.getReportOptions() returns a structure with the default options for generating reports for requirements sets.


Get Report Generation Options

myOptions = slreq.getReportOptions()

myOptions = 

  struct with fields:

      reportPath: 'L:\slreqrpt_20170826.docx'
      openReport: 1
       titleText: ''
         authors: 'Jane Doe'
        includes: [1×1 struct]

Output Arguments

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Options for report generation, returned as a structure with the following fields:


FieldsData TypeDescription
reportPathcharacter vectorReport file path
openReportBooleanOption to open report automatically after generation
titleTextcharacter vectorReport title
authorscharacter vectorReport authors
includes.tocBooleanOption to include table of contents in your report
includes.publishedDateBooleanOption to include the report publish date
includes.revisionBooleanOption to include requirement revision information in your report
includes.propertiesBooleanOption to include requirement properties
includes.linksBooleanOption to include requirements links in your report
includes.changeInformationBooleanOption to include change information such as change issues
includes.groupLinksBycharacter vectorOption to group links by Artifact or LinkType
includes.keywordsBooleanOption to include requirement implementation status data in your report
includes.commentsBooleanOption to include requirement comments in your report
includes.implementationStatusBooleanOption to include requirement implementation status data in your report
includes.verificationStatusBooleanOption to include requirement verification status data in your report
includes.emptySectionsBooleanOption to include empty sections in your report
includes.rationaleBooleanOption to include requirements rationale in your report
includes.customAttributesBooleanOption to include requirement set custom attributes in your report

Version History

Introduced in R2018a