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Real-Time Implementation Examples

Explore real-time implementation examples that apply to Simulink® Real-Time™ and other products

For implementations in many real-time simulation and testing areas, pairing Simulink Real-Time with one or more additional products can ease implementation development. This category provides links to examples that demonstrate implementations for various market segments. For more examples that use Speedgoat Target Machines, see and select Knowledge Center > Documentation > Speedgoat I/O Blockset > Product Examples. To explore the wide range of product capabilities and find the solution that is right for your application or industry, see these solution areas:

  • Control Systems — For open-loop or feedback control systems, you can develop a real-time application that helps you test and simulate your system. For more information about control systems, see MATLAB and Simulink for Control Systems.

  • Robotics and Autonomous — From perception to motion, real-time applications can be part of your robotics to design, simulate, and verify every aspect of your autonomous systems. For more information, see MATLAB and Simulink for Robotics and Autonomous Systems.

  • Image Processing and Computer Vision — Real-time application can implement image processing and computer vision systems that respond to image and video data, apply algorithms, and help you explore implementation tradeoffs. For more information, see MATLAB for Image Processing and Computer Vision.

  • Power Electronics — For control of IGBTs, power MOSFETs, and other solid-state power electronics, you can design a real-time digital controller with simulation that helps ensure stability, improves power quality, optimizes dynamic performance, and handles fault conditions. For more information, see Electrification.

  • Signal Processing — From analyzing signals and exploring algorithms to evaluating design implementation tradeoffs, a real-time signal processing systems eases your simulation and test processes. For more information, see MATLAB and Simulink for Signal Processing.

  • FPGA Solutions — Real-time simulation and testing helps you generate processor-optimized C/C++ code for your target embedded processors and verify your algorithm running in an HDL simulator or on an FPGA or SoC device. For more information, see MATLAB for FPGA, ASIC, and SoC Development.

Control Systems

Projector Controller Testing Using verify and Real-Time Tests (Simulink Test)

Perform real-time testing on a target computer and verify system behavior against requirements.

Robotics and Autonomous

Automate Real-Time Testing for Highway Lane Following Controller (Automated Driving Toolbox)

Deploy and test highway lane following controller in real-time.

Create and Update Instrument Panel for Stateflow Car Transmission

Configure and update an App Designer instrument panel app for a Simulink Real-Time car transmission application.

Image Processing and Computer Vision

Real-Time Image Acquisition, Image Processing, and Fixed-Point Blob Analysis for Target Practice Analysis (Fixed-Point Designer)

This example shows how to acquire real-time images from a GigE Vision® camera or webcam, process the images using fixed-point blob analysis, and determine world coordinates to score a laser pistol target.

Power Electronics

Power Electronics Templates for Simulink Real-Time

Apply template models of power electronics components for HIL testing with Simulink Real-Time.

Deploy Simscape Buck Converter Model to Speedgoat IO Module Using HDL Workflow Script (HDL Coder)

Deploy buck converter modeled in Simscape™ to Speedgoat® IO modules using HDL Workflow script.

Hardware-in-the-Loop Implementation of Simscape Model on Speedgoat FPGA I/O Modules (HDL Coder)

Synthesize and generate FPGA bitstream from a Simscape half-wave rectifier model and deploy it onto a Speedgoat FPGA I/O 334-325K target.

Tune PI Controllers Using Field Oriented Control Autotuner Block on Real-Time Systems (Motor Control Blockset)

Compute the gain values of PI controllers within the speed and current controllers by using the Field Oriented Control Autotuner block.

Composite Three-Phase Rectifier (Simscape Electrical)

This is the base model for analysis workflow examples.

Switched Reluctance Machine Speed Control (Simscape Electrical)

This example shows how to control the rotor speed in a switched reluctance machine (SRM) based electrical drive.

HV Battery Charge/Discharge (Simscape Electrical)

This example shows a high-voltage battery like those used in hybrid electric vehicles.

Signal Processing

Active Noise Control with Simulink Real-Time (Audio Toolbox)

Design a real-time active noise control system using a Speedgoat® Simulink® Real-Time™ target.

FPGA Solutions

Generate Simulink Real-Time Interface Subsystem for Simscape Two-Level Converter Model (HDL Coder)

Generate HDL code and Simulink Real-Time interface model from Simscape models.

FPGA Programming and Configuration on Speedgoat Simulink-Programmable I/O Modules (HDL Coder)

Select and run HDL code generation and synthesis workflow for a Speedgoat target computer.

Hardware-in-the-Loop Implementation of Simscape Model on Speedgoat FPGA I/O Modules (HDL Coder)

Synthesize and generate FPGA bitstream from a Simscape half-wave rectifier model and deploy it onto a Speedgoat FPGA I/O 334-325K target.