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Replace external input data in real-time application with input data

Since R2020b



updateRootLevelInportData(app_object) replaces external input data in a real-time application with new input data.


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Create an application object for real-time application slrt_ex_osc_inport. Use it to update the inport data. For a more detailed example, see Define and Update Inport Data.

  1. Change inport waveform data from a square wave to sine wave.

    waveform = sinewave;
  2. Create an Application object from the real-time application MLDATX file.

    app_object = slrealtime.Application('slrt_ex_osc_inport');
  3. Update inport data in the Application object.

  4. Download the updated inport data to the default target computer.

    tg = slrealtime('TargetPC1');
    load(tg, 'slrt_ex_osc_inport');

Input Arguments

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Provides access to methods that manipulate the real-time application files.

Version History

Introduced in R2020b