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Filter Objectives by Using Analysis Filter Viewer

Filtering model objects and code expressions from design error detection or test generation analysis allows you to focus on a subset of objects for Simulink® Design Verifier™ analysis. Use filters when you have model objects that take a long time to analyze or when you want to focus on specific objectives for code-based analysis.

You can add a coverage filter file by opening the Configuration Parameters window, clicking Design Verifier and, under Advanced parameters, selecting Ignore objectives based on filter. Enter your coverage filter file in the Filter file parameter. For more information about coverage filter files, see Creating and Using Coverage Filters (Simulink Coverage). You can also filter the Design Verifier objectives for code-based analysis to align code-based results to model-based results.

After you perform design error detection or test generation analysis, you can justify the falsified objectives by using the Analysis Filter viewer. When you edit the coverage filter by using Analysis Filter viewer, you can update the Simulink Design Verifier report and highlight the analysis results on the model without reanalyzing the model. For detailed example on how to filter objectives, see Exclude and Justify Objectives for Design Error Detection.

Use the Analysis Filter Viewer to Edit Coverage Filter Files

After analyzing your model, you can use Analysis Filter viewer to justify the falsified objectives and update the coverage filter file.

You can open the Analysis Filter viewer from the Results Summary window or from the Results Inspector window.

  • In the Results Summary window, click Open filter viewer.

  • In the Results Inspector window,

    • To see a justified objective, click View.

    • To justify objective that results in error, click Justify.

In the Analysis Filter viewer, you can:

  • Review and manage the filter rules for analysis.

  • Load or save analysis filter files in your model.

  • Navigate to the model to create additional filter rules.

  • Add rationale description about why the objective or model object or code expression is excluded or justified.


Navigate to a model object associated with a rule.


This step is valid only for model objective analysis.

  1. Select the rule.

  2. Click View in model. The model object is highlighted in blue.

Delete a rule.

  1. Select the rule.

  2. Click Remove rule.

Save the current rules to a file.

  1. Click Apply.

  2. Click Save filter.

  3. Specify a file name and folder for the filter file and click Save.

Load an existing coverage filter file.

  1. Click Load filter.

  2. Navigate to the filter file and click Open.

Highlight the model and update the current analysis report with the current filtering rules.

  1. Apply or Revert any changes you have made.

    The model is highlighted with the updated filter rules.

  2. In the Results Summary window or in the Results inspector window, click HTML or PDF.


Simulink Design Verifier does not support filtering objectives associated with property proving analysis.

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