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Analyze a Stateflow Atomic Subchart

In a Stateflow® chart, an atomic subchart is a graphical object that allows you to reuse the same state or subchart across multiple charts and models. You can use Simulink® Design Verifier™ to analyze atomic subcharts individually. You do not have to analyze the chart that contains the atomic subchart, or the model that contains the chart.

If you are having problems analyzing a large model, analyzing an atomic subchart in a controlled environment is helpful. As described in Bottom-Up Approach to Model Analysis, by analyzing atomic subcharts or other components in the model hierarchy individually, you can analyze a model to:

  • Solve problems that slow down or prevent test generation, property proving, or design error detection.

  • Analyze model components that are unreachable in the context of the container model or chart.


For more information about atomic subcharts, see Create Reusable Subcomponents by Using Atomic Subcharts (Stateflow).

Analyze an Atomic Subchart by Using Simulink Design Verifier

The sf_atomic_sensor_pair example model models a redundant sensor pair using atomic subcharts. This example analyzes the Sensor1 subchart in the RedundantSensors chart.

  1. Open the sf_atomic_sensor_pair example model:


    This model demonstrates how to model a simple redundant sensor pair using atomic subcharts.

  2. Double-click the RedundantSensors chart to open it.

    This Stateflow chart has two atomic subcharts:

    • Sensor1

    • Sensor2

  3. To analyze the Sensor1 subchart using Simulink Design Verifier, right-click the subchart and select Design Verifier > Generate Tests for Subchart.

    During the analysis, the software creates a Simulink model named Sensor1 that contains the Sensor1 subchart. The new model contains Inport and Outport blocks that respectively correspond to the data objects u and y in the subchart.

    The software saves the new model and other files generated by the analysis in:

  4. When the analysis is complete, view the analysis results for the Sensor1 subchart by clicking one of the following options:

    • Highlight analysis results on model

    • Generate detailed analysis report

    • Create harness model

    • Simulate tests and produce a model coverage report