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Load executable into real-time kernel

Since R2023b



executableObj = loadExecutable(RT.Kernel,modelName) loads the specified executable name into the real-time kernel. Typically, an executable is created by loading the compiled model. It is unusual to load directly by calling RT.Executable or loadExecutable.


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This example shows how to load an executable in the real-time kernel.

Open the model, build the executable, and load the executable RXW64 (for Windows®) file. Other executable file extensions are RXM64 (for Mac) and RXL64 (for Linux®).

myExecutable = loadExecutable(RT.Kernel,'sldrtex_counter.rxw64')
myExecutable = 

  Executable with properties:

      Parent: [1×1 RT.Kernel]
    CodeSize: 38373
    DataSize: 199800

Input Arguments

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The RT.Kernel argument specifies the real-time kernel object.

The modelName argument provides the name of the model for the simulation.

Example: 'sldrtex_counter'

Output Arguments

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The executableObj object represents the executable and provides timer information through object properties.

Version History

Introduced in R2023b