Create Model Advisor Checks

Pass/fail checks, check registration and definition, callback functions, action definition, formatted results

You can use the Model Advisor API to create Model Advisor checks. Custom checks provide you with the ability to specify which conditions and configuration settings the Model Advisor reviews. For the workflow, see Create Model Advisor Checks Workflow. For simple examples, see Create and Add Custom Checks - Basic Examples.


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Advisor.authoring.CustomCheckDefine custom check
Advisor.authoring.DataFileInteract with data file for model configuration checks
ModelAdvisor.ActionAdd actions to custom checks
ModelAdvisor.CheckCreate custom checks
ModelAdvisor.PreferencesSet Model Advisor window preferences by specifying which folders and tabs to display
ModelAdvisor.GroupDefine custom folder
ModelAdvisor.InputParameterAdd input parameters to custom checks
ModelAdvisor.ListViewParameterAdd list view parameters to custom checks
ModelAdvisor.ProcedureDefine custom procedures
ModelAdvisor.RootIdentify root node
ModelAdvisor.FormatTemplateTemplate for formatting Model Advisor analysis results
ModelAdvisor.ImageInclude image in Model Advisor output
ModelAdvisor.LineBreakInsert line break
ModelAdvisor.ListCreate list class
ModelAdvisor.ParagraphCreate and format paragraph
ModelAdvisor.TableCreate table
ModelAdvisor.TextCreate Model Advisor text output
ModelAdvisor.ResultDetailDefines result detail objects
Advisor.authoring.PositiveBlockParameterConstraintCreate a Model Advisor constraint to check for supported block parameter values
Advisor.authoring.NegativeBlockParameterConstraintCreate a Model Advisor constraint to check for unsupported block parameter values
Advisor.authoring.PositiveModelParameterConstraintCreate a Model Advisor constraint to check for supported model parameter values
Advisor.authoring.NegativeModelParameterConstraintCreate a Model Advisor constraint to check for unsupported model parameter values
Advisor.authoring.PositiveBlockTypeConstraintCreate a Model Advisor constraint to check for supported block types
Advisor.authoring.NegativeBlockTypeConstraintCreate a Model Advisor constraint to check for unsupported blocks
Advisor.authoring.CompositeConstraintCreate a Model Advisor constraint that checks for multiple constraints


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Advisor.authoring.generateConfigurationParameterDataFileGenerate XML data file for custom configuration parameter check
Advisor.authoring.generateBlockConstraintsDataFileGenerate XML data file for custom check for block constraints
Advisor.authoring.createBlockConstraintCheckCreate Model Advisor check for registering block constraints
addPreRequisiteConstraintIDCheck a prerequisite constraint object before the actual constraint object


Create Model Advisor Checks Workflow

When you create checks, follow this workflow.

Create and Add Custom Checks - Basic Examples

These examples show how to add a custom check to the By Product folder, create a pass/fail check, and create a pass/fail check with a fix action.

Create Check for Model Configuration Parameters

To verify the configuration parameters for your model, create a configuration parameter check.

Register Checks

To add checks to the Model Advisor, register the checks.

Define Custom Checks

Define custom checks in functions that specify the properties of the ModelAdvisor.Check class.

Create Callback Functions and Results

To execute the Model Advisor custom check, create a callback function for each check and action.

Define the Compile Option for Custom Checks

To use Model Advisor custom checks to evaluate generated code, specify the compile option for each check.

Exclude Blocks From Custom Checks

This example shows how to exclude blocks from custom checks.

Format Check Results

Use the ModelAdvisor.FormatTemplate class to format the custom check results.

Define Checks for Supported or Unsupported Blocks and Parameters

Create Model Advisor checks that specify block and model parameter constraints.