Find Requirements Documents in a Project

In a project, a dependency analysis finds requirements documents linked using the Requirements Management Interface.

  • You can view and navigate to and from the linked requirements documents.

  • You can create or edit Requirements Management links only if you have Simulink® Requirements™.

  1. In a project, in the Views pane, select Dependency Analysis.

  2. Click the Analyze button.

    The Impact graph displays the structure of all analyzed dependencies in the project. Project files that are not detectable dependencies of the analyzed files are not visible in the graph.

  3. To highlight requirements documents in the graph, in the Dependency Type legend, click Requirements Link . Arrows connect requirements documents to the files with the requirement links.

  4. To find the specific block containing a requirement link, expand the model file in the graph. Click Expand All or click the arrows next to the file name. View the arrow connecting the block containing the requirement link to the requirements document file.

  5. To open a requirements document, double-click the document in the graph.

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